Security Services​

SSH Group provides security personnel and security equipment to multiple market sectors, with customised solutions designed and deployed specifically for each client and each unique set of operational requirements.

The Safety Division specialises in the delivery of the following security services:

  • Security Management Planning
  • Security Operatives
  • Security Patrols
  • Asset Protection
  • Loss Prevention
  • Site Access Control
  • Alarm / CCTV Monitoring

Road Safety

SSH Group provides road safety management, planning, personnel, and equipment to multiple market sectors, implementing and managing customised solutions designed specifically with pedestrian, worker, and motorist safety as the fundamental goal.

The Safety Division specialises in the delivery of the following road safety services:

  • Road Safety Planning and Design
  • Road User and Pedestrian Safety Management
  • Road Safety Consultation

Crisis Support Services​

SSH Group provides crisis support services across all portfolios, with solutions able to be rapidly deployed to support clients during unexpected, unpredictable, unstable, or non-routine events and circumstances.

SSH Group assists clients through economic, social, environmental, natural, or political events that have the potential to impact, disrupt, or prevent their normal activities. SSH Group provides advice and guidance to clients in maintaining business and operational continuity, and supports clients in the recovery phase post-crisis, incident, or event.

The Safety Division has supported clients through the provision of a variety of response and support services, including the following examples:

  • Critical Incident Response
  • Pandemic Support Roles
  • Roadside Checkpoint and Testing Centre Management
  • Sinkholes, Structural Building Collapse, Ground Settlement and Subsidence
  • Project Owner or Principal Contractor Insolvency or Administration